Francisco Maso
Francisco MasoVisual Artist
Two-time Cintas Foundation Fellowship finalist, Francisco Maso (Havana, 1988) is an Afro-Cuban, American visual artist living and working in Miami. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Stage Design from the Instituto Superior de Arte (2014) and is a graduate of both the Behavior Art School (2009), led by Tania Bruguera, and the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts (2007).

Maso’s artwork delves into the contemporary understanding of socially shaped “unconscious behaviors” and challenges what is accepted by society as natural, necessary, and normal. Key projects include: Post PostProduction Project (2012-2015), that explored the audiovisual piracy phenomenon and its social implications; Aesthetic Register of Covert Forces, a geometric archive of striped polo shirts worn by the undercover political police in Cuba; and Obtuse Exercises for Dissenting Bodies, a study of the positions assumed by dissident bodies in relation to “police control dispositive.”

Recent exhibitions include Where’s Your Favorite Place for Political Art at Home? at Dimensions Variable (2020), Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest in the Jorge M. Pérez Collection at El Espacio 23 (2019), Cintas Foundation Fellowships Finalist Exhibition 2019-2020 at Lowe Art Museum (2019), 10 – A Decade at Dimensions Variable (2019), Concrete Jungle: Narrative of Presence at Bridge Red Studios (2019), Constructing Identity at Miami MOCAAD (2019), and Solid Abstraction: Disobedient Strategies in Contemporary Cuban Art at Miami Biennale Foundation (2018). His works are part of the Jorge M. Pérez Collection, Brillembourg Capriles Collection, Nina Fuentes Collection, among others. Maso is the cofounder of Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA), a nonprofit organization to research and promote the contributions of women and those identified as women in photography.