Where’s Your Favorite Place for Political Art at Home?

During a two-month period in partnership with Dimensions Variable (DV), visual artist Francisco Maso will loan five photographs from the Obtuse Exercises for Dissenting Bodies series to interested individuals in Miami-Dade County who request one for display in their home. Through this art on-loan program, he wants to provide an avenue for the public to experience a physical interaction with the selected artwork while broadening the discussion around the exhibition as an in-progress, open-ended system of relationships. Posing the question Where’s Your Favorite Place for Political Art at Home? Maso asks the borrowers to identify a location in their [...]

10—A Decade

Dimensions Variable (DV) is pleased to present 10—A Decade, a group exhibition bringing together five past DV artists with five new ones from September 28—December 30, 2019, in celebration of our tenth anniversary. Felice Grodin, Fabian Peña, Jamilah Sabur, Tom Scicluna, and Agustina Woodgate all represent artists who had solo/two-person projects at DV in the past. Nathalie Alfonso, Yanira Collado, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Francisco Maso, and Christina Pettersson are all artists we’ve been wanting to work with. This group is bound together by our respect for their work and the diverse themes present in their [...]

Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest

“It is enough for the poet to be the bad conscience of his age," stated Saint-John Perse in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Something similar could be said when art­ists address the vicissitudes of society. We should not ask or measurable political action when their role is to point out, to render evident, to shake us from indifference. Art may not provide answers, but most of the time it interro­gates, proposes uncomfortable issues, almost like rubbing salt in a wound. Artists are seldom celebratory, nor do they usually provide solutions-art's potency lays in the symbolic efficacy of the actions [...]

Concrete Jungle: Narrative of Presence

Concrete Jungle: Narrative of Presence is a group exhibition curated by William Cordova focusing on economy of materials as a form of contextualizing the narrative of the quotidian landscape. Accessible materials; plaster, concrete, wood, cardboard, textiles, and other reclaimed ephemera capture the visual poetics of each artists idiosyncratic interpretation of the world around us. The exhibit includes South Florida artist Adrienne Chadwick's numerous fragile and intimate ceramic dwellings. Meditating on community, resources, and accessibility. Late Miami/New York artist, Duane Hanson's rare Polaroid highlighting the value in the "everyday" individual. South Florida [...]

Reconstructing Identity: An Exploration of Identity and Diaspora Through Artistic Practice

Reconstructing Identity: An Exploration of Identity and Diaspora Through Artistic Practice encompasses the work of artists connected by a shared interest in the interrogation of identity when the sense of place is ever-changing. Utilizing varying materials and techniques, the work tells multiple stories. Some may observe cultural differences in the experiences of those within the black & brown diasporas. Others may explore aesthetic, social, cultural, and political subjects that examine where identity and sense of place., thus allowing for a better understanding of the communities we inhabit. The featured local artists include Christopher Carter, Kandy Lopez-Moreno, Duwane Coates, Sharon [...]

#00Bienal in Miami

(Miami - Abril 29, 2018) A partir del slogan En cada estudio una bienal propuesto por la #00 Bienal de La Habana, #00 Bienal | Miami constituye una intervención artística a desarrollar del 11 al 15 de mayo de 2018 en el espacio de la Fundación MUD. Esta última, emplazada en la ciudad de Miami tiene como objetivo generar proyectos educativos y artísticos donde arte, internet, realidad virtual y análisis de datos convergen. #00 Bienal | Miami reconoce el papel que desempeña la #00 Bienal de La Habana en la activación de las escenas locales, pero también en el [...]


Miami Biennale Foundation and Henrique Faria Fine Art present Solid Abstraction. Disobedience Strategies in Contemporary Cuban Art featuring ten Cuban artists that work with different media ranging from painting, photography, installation, sculpture to site-specific interventions, and adopt methodologies from diverse disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, history, graphic design, data analysis and architecture, and urbanism. Solid Abstraction. Disobedience Strategies in Contemporary Cuban Art is presented as part of the Miami Biennale's interest in developing an annual exhibition program about Cuban art in Miami. It is [...]

CINTAS Foundation 2017-2018. Fellowship Finalist Exhibition

The CINTAS Fellowship Program encourages creative development in architecture & design, creative writing, music composition and the visual arts. The CINTAS Foundation was established with funds from the estate of Oscar B. Cintas (1887-1957), former Cuban ambassador to the United States, a prominent industrialist and patron of the arts. In June 2011, the CINTAS Foundation entered into an extended loan to MDC’s Museum of Art + Design of the CINTAS Fellows Collection. It is comprised [...]

Surreptitious Stripes

Surreptitious Stripes brings together two polyptychs from the series An Aesthetic Register of Covert Forces by the Cuban artist Francisco Masó. The works are based on documentary photographs and videos showing regulatory mechanisms in Cuban civil society. Masó develops an abstract geometric register from polo shirts imported by the government and distributed to workers of various political bodies. Textile designs consisting mostly of horizontal lines become, in essence, undercover uniforms, even when they are not identified as such by the [...]

The Cuban Matrix

The Cuban Matrix is an ambitious project featuring an in-depth look at contemporary Cuban artwork, with emphasis on digital media exchange culture. The focus of the exhibition is the offline digital “mercado” (marketplace) sharing culture that has arisen around the phenomenon of “El Paquete Semanal”: a weekly terabyte packet of entertainment, downloaded webpages and information that is carried into Cuba, shared and consumed throughout Cuban society. The works that TAM will be hosting exist and were created in conditions tempered by limited access to the virtual information systems that most of the developed [...]