COVID-19 Cultural Affairs Alliance (CAA)

COVID-19 Cultural Affairs Alliance (CAA) was founded by Francisco Maso and Aldeide Delgado in support of efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of our community, most art organizations, and institutions around the world are canceling or postponing events. Our top priority is health and safety, but we also consider how this will adversely impact the creative economy. This forum is to debate and share resources for artists, curators, critics, and scholars at this moment when it is crucial to practice solidarity and imagine ways to overcome the crisis. How Will Miami's [...]

Panel Discussion: Place & Space: Negotiating Displacement through a Cultural Lens. New Wave Art Wknd. Norton Museum of Art. November 30 2018 – December 02 2019

A frank discussion on the idea of home, belonging, and what it means in today's socio-political landscape for immigrant artists to establish their place and to create their work? How does one reckon with displacement and migration in today’s climate? How might artists contend with borders both real and imagined as a part of their daily experience? As a part of their artistic practice? What possibilities do art and culture offer in reaching across or permeating perceived boundaries?

#00BIENAL IN MIAMI – Mud Foundation. May 11th – 15th 2018

(Miami - Abril 29, 2018) A partir del slogan “En cada estudio una bienal” propuesto por la #00 Bienal de La Habana, #00 Bienal | Miami constituye una intervención artística a desarrollar del 11 al 15 de mayo de 2018 en el espacio de la Fundación MUD. Esta última, emplazada en la ciudad de Miami tiene como objetivo generar proyectos educativos y artísticos donde arte, internet, realidad virtual y análisis de datos convergen. #00 Bienal | Miami reconoce el papel que desempeña la #00 Bienal de La Habana en la activación de las escenas locales, pero también [...]


(Miami – March 30, 2018) Miami Biennale presents Solid Abstraction. Disobedience strategies in contemporary Cuban art featuring ten Cuban artists that work with different media ranging from painting, photography, installation, sculpture to site-specific interventions, and adopt methodologies from diverse disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, history, graphic design, data analysis and architecture, and urbanism. Solid Abstraction. Disobedience strategies in contemporary Cuban art is presented as part of the Miami Biennale ́s interest in developing an annual exhibition program about Cuban art in Miami. It is curated by Aldeide Delgado, art historian and curator recipient of the Research and Production [...]

PINTA MIAMI – Crossing Cultures 2017. December 6th – 10th 2017

PINTA MIAMI - Crossing Cultures 2017 ANNOUNCES ITS NEXT EDITION WHICH WILL BE CELEBRATED IN MANA WYNWOOD PINTA Miami is glad to announce its eleventh edition to be celebrated between the 6th and 10th of December 2017 at MANA Wynwood located in the heart of Miami Art District. Continuing with its long-time mission to internationalize Latin-American art and create a visualization platform, this edition of PINTA Miami will feature over 60 leading galleries from around the world showcasing the best of what Latin America can offer. In addition to our Main Section, PINTA Miami will include three [...]

CINTAS FOUNDATION 2017-2018. Fellowship Finalist Exhibition. October 6th – 28th 2017

The CINTAS Foundation announces this year’s finalists for the annual CINTAS Knight Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship Competition. A reception and awards ceremony will take place at 6pm. on Saturday, Oct. 14th, at the Coral Gables Museum. The awards will be announced promptly at 7pm. An exhibition featuring works by each of the visual arts finalists will open at the Coral Gables Museum on Friday, October 6th. CINTAS Knight Foundation Fellowship in the Visual Arts Finalists: Pavel Acosta Proenza, Néstor Arenas, Rigoberto Díaz, Mari Claudia García Ruiz, Francisco Masó, Grethell Rasúa The jury: Chana Budgazad Sheldon, Coco Fusco, [...]

THE CUBAN MATRIX. Torrance Art Museum. September 9th – November 4th 2017

The Cuban Matrix is also a part of Getty-led Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles, taking place from September 2017 through January 2018 at more than 70 cultural institutions across Southern California. Pacific Standard Time is an initiative of the Getty. The presenting sponsor is Bank of America. This exhibition is organized by Maurizzio Hector Pineda, Benjamin W. Tippin, and Melissa Tran, under the direction of Max Presneill, the museum’s director, and along with the assistance and support of the Torrance Art Museum [...]

SURREPTITOUS STRIPES. Connect Now Room / Arts Connection Foundation. July 20th – August 19th 2017

Arts Connection Foundation in its Connect Now Room space is pleased to announce the first solo show of the Cuban artist Francisco Masó in the city of Miami. Surreptitious Stripes, organized by North + South Curators, formed by Katherine Chacon & Jim Peele, presents the work An Aesthetic Register of Covert Forces, a series of abstract paintings that unveil the silent mechanisms of collective surveillance. Francisco Masó, one of the few exponents of geometric abstraction in contemporary Cuban art, starts with photographs and documentary videos showing the regulatory mechanisms of Cuban civil society. The exhibition will open [...]

THE GLOBAL SOUTH: VISIONS AND REVISIONS. Brillembourg Capriles Collection. November 30th – December 4th 2016

To travel the broad artistic journey of our continent requires an ambitious and uncertain endeavor. The Global South, Visions and Revisions of the Brillembourg Capriles Collection, leads us through a retrospective exercise of a past which defines our present, thus opening up a path which others have traveled: so as to find out why history has been told with such gaps which distort the essence of Ibero-American art. The exhibition aims to help in this search, to dissipate such lapses which have brought us to forget, omit, silence and do away with a more inclusive realization of [...]

MUESTRA DE CINE 3D. Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales. September 12th – September 25th 2014

Muestra de Cine 3D fue un evento cultural sin fines de lucro -dirigido a todo tipo de público- que exhibió una selección de producciones relevantes de la Historia del Cine. La aparición de salas de cine 3D como una variante de trabajo por cuenta propia, la creciente demanda de consumo de la población cubana en torno a la producción audiovisual y el posterior cierre inmediato -en el año 2013- de estos espacios alternativos por una prerrogativa estatal; constituyeron los detonantes del evento. El mismo se propuso “revivir la experiencia 3D” apoyado en la exhibición de un cine [...]

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