(Miami – March 30, 2018) Miami Biennale presents Solid Abstraction. Disobedience strategies in contemporary Cuban art featuring ten Cuban artists that work with different media ranging from painting, photography, installation, sculpture to site-specific interventions, and adopt methodologies from diverse disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, history, graphic design, data analysis and architecture, and urbanism.

Solid Abstraction. Disobedience strategies in contemporary Cuban art is presented as part of the Miami Biennale ́s interest in developing an annual exhibition program about Cuban art in Miami. It is curated by Aldeide Delgado, art historian and curator recipient of the Research and Production of Critic Essay Fellowship (Teor/ética, 2017) for her project Solid Abstraction. Political Paths in Central American and the Caribbean. This exhibition is the result of a concern about how abstract art can be radical today and is the first public presentation in Miami of a year ́s worth of research.

Solid Abstraction supposes the transgression of the modern epistemic paradigm of abstraction and the reduction of its studies – particularly in Cuban art- to the group initiatives of the fifties. From this perspective, the show brings together a group of contemporary artists from various generations and levels of international recognition whose work could be understood since the abstract language and problematize the traditional idea of what abstraction is.

Being disobedient relates to the idea of detachment and resistance, and is connected to the Jacques Rancière ́s conceptualization of dissent. It implies a reconfiguration of the consensual obedient logics through the re-articulation of totally new questions. Disobedience does not only mean to disagree with the aesthetic, social, economic or official authority but also, rethinking proposals, redefining spaces and transgressing discursive formalisms. Thus, the political character of the disobedience.

Featured Artists: Yaima Carrazana | Aurora De Armendi | Rafael Domenech | Filio Gálvez | Quisqueya Henríquez | Reynier Leyva Novo | Francisco Masó | Glexis Novoa | Ernesto Oroza (Collaboration with Gean Moreno, Ana Olema and Annelys PM. Casanova) | Rodolfo Peraza